Winchat in Puerto Pollensa

Collared Pratincole in S'Albufera

Little ringed plover in S'Albufera

Goldfinch in S'Albufera

Coot in S'Albufera

Purple gallinules in S'Albufera

Purple gallinules in S'Albufera

Black winged stilt in S'Albufera

Marsh Harrier over S'Albufera

Yellow wagtail in S'Albufera

Woodchat shrike at S'Albufera

Night heron at the Pine Walk in Puerto Pollensa

White egret at the harbour in Puerto Pollensa

Red legged Partridge at the Talaia d'Albercutx

Hoopoe in Puerto Pollensa

Greenfinch in the park behind the Pine Walk in Puerto Pollensa

Sardinian Warbler at Boquer Valley

Sparrow in the rain

Blackbird in Puerto Pollensa

Beach in Puerto Pollensa

Pollensa Old Town

Beach at the Pine Walk in Puerto Pollensa

View from the Santuari de la Mare de Deu del puig outside Pollensa

Wild beach at the Bay of Pollensa towards Alcudia

Beach in Puerto Pollensa

Beach in Puerto Pollensa

Cala Sant Vicenc

View from the top of the steps (Chapel El Calvari) in Pollensa

Formentor beach

Formentor beach

View from the Mirador des Colomer towards Formentor

Beach at the Pine Walk in Puerto Pollensa

Beach at Alcudia Bay

Wild beach at Alcanada

View over the Boquer Valley

View from the Boquer Valley towards Puerto Pollensa

View towards the Pine Walk from Puerto Pollensa

View from the Pine Walk towards Puerto Pollensa

Beach at Formentor

Porr of Sa Calobra

Formentor Mirador

Fish for Lunch again! S’Albufera

Proud at S’Abufera


Cattle Egret feeding in a meadow at Son Bosc

Woodchat Shrike, I took this in s'Albufera.

Spoonbills at s'Albufera

Egret at s'Albufera

Coot and chick at s'Albufera

Bee-eater at Son Bosc

The light house at Puerto Soller

Hoopoe, taken at the entrance to the Bocquer Valley, September 2018

Spoonbill, taken at S'Albufera September 2018

Sardinian warbler, taken at S'Albufera in January 2019

Alpine accentor, taken at the Mirador at Albercutx in January 2019

Zitting cisticola, Salobrar de Campos

Audouin’s Gull at Mondragó

Audouin’s Gull at Son Real

Sunset over Mondragó

Wild Poinsettia, Ses Salines

Chillis for sale, Caimari

Traditional Llaut, Cala Mitjana.

Alpine Accentor, the Mirador, Formentor.

Flamingoes at Salobrar de Campos

Cattle Egret at Son Bosc

Green Finch at Son Real

Purple Gallinule at s'Albufera

Cattle Egret at s'Albufera

Flamingos at s'Albufera

Sunset over Porto Petro

Boquer Valley

Ses Salines

Ses Salines

Zitting Cisticola at Albufereta

s'Albufera Camargue horses

Meadow at Son Bosc

Roof Tiles Tramontana mountains

Mallard and ducklings at s'Albufera

Audouin's Gull at Puerto Pollensa

Squacco Heron at La Gola

Always a treat to see these lovely birds on the island. Taken at sAlbufera

Little Bittern at s'Albufera

Flamingos at s'Albufera

Falco peregrinus. Spring 2019 in Sa Comuna at Bunyola. One year waiting for this picture.

Pandion haliaetus. Spring 2019, s'Albufera in Alcudia, Mallorca.

Aquila fasciata. Spring 2019 in Sa Comuna at Bunyola. One year old bird and first time photographed here, in Sa Comuna, since its reintroduction in Mallorca..

Hieraaetus pennatus. Early spring 2019 in Sa Comuna at Bunyola

Aegypius monachus. Spring 2019 in Balitx at Soller

Accipiter nisus. Winter 2018 photo in Sa Comuna at Bunyola

Milvus milvus. First day spring photographing in Sa Comuna at Bunyola

Spotted fly cachter at Cala mondrago

Purple Gallinule at s'Albufera

Hoopoe at Son Real

Winter In Son Serra de Marina

Lone olive tree near mortixt

Flamingos feeding in January at S'albufereta

Firecrest Mortixt

Sunrise Port Pollenca

Poppies and mountains fields behind Alberfera

Ses Ufanes at Campernet in full flow

Bee eaters at Son Bosc

Scops owls nesting in Gomar

Heron, at La Gola

Little Egret, Porto Pollença

Purple Gallinule, Albufera

Alpine Accentor. Formentor, 24/12/2018

Black and white Stilt.. Alberfera

Poppies and mountains at sunset

Osprey hovering Alberfera

New day at the lighthouse. Cap de formentor

Moody skies and the lone tree. formentor

The perfect sunset.. In the farm fields behins albefera.


Alpine Accentor. Formentor

Porto Pollença, December 2018

Porto Pollença, December 2018

Porto Pollença, December 2018

Zitting Cisticola at Albufereta

Cattle Egret at Son Bosc

Field of poppies near Son Bosc

Hoopoe at Son Real

Woodchat Shrike, Son Real

where does all the water spring from Fonts Ufanes

Albufera 26 May

Flamingo Ses Salines

Purple Swamphen S'Albufera

Little Egret S'Albufera

Hoopoe s'Albufera Marsh

Griffon Vulture Lluc Monstary

Black Winged Stilt S'Albufera Marsh




P Pollenca seafront

Cala Boquer

Boquer Valley

Cala Boquer

Cala Boquer

S`Albufera de Mallorca

S`Albufera de Mallorca

S`Albufera de Mallorca

S`Albufera de Mallorca

Mountains Above Deia

Snipe at s'Albufera

Black Winged Stilt at s'Albufera

Port de Soller view from Cap Gros Lighthouse

Yellow-legged Gull Cap de Fermentor

Son Real Coastal Splendour

Parc S'Albufera Abundant Flowers and Mountain backdrop

Boquer Valley Balearic Warbler after much searching

Woodland Walk Puig St Marti


Kentish Plover, S'Albufera 9th May 2019

Hoopoe, Son Real 27th September 2018

Glossy Ibis, S'Albufera 11th May 2018

View from a hide - S'Albufereta Natural Reserve

Blue Rock Thrush... Albercutx

Bee.Eaters, Son Bosc

Son Bosc

Balearic warbler. Sa Talaia d'Albercutx

Hoopoe, Puerto Pollença

Puerto Pollenca Bay taken from the promenade

Collared Pratincole. Albufera.

Cap de formentor

My happy place at Cala Fornells

Puerta Pollenca

Avocet, S’ Albufera 4th of June 2019

Zitting Cisticola at s'Albufera

Spotted Flycatcher at La Gola

Black Headed Gull on Port de Pollenca beach

Puerto de Pollenca - Beach at Torrent St Jordi

Puerto de Pollenca - Beach at Torrent St Jordi

Puerto de Pollenca - Beach at Torrent St Jordi

Puerto de Pollenca - Beach at Torrent St Jordi

Puerto de Pollenca - Beach at Torrent St Jordi

Glossy Ibis, S’Albufera, 18/05/19

Cuber Dam Tramontana Mountains

JUVENILE NIGHT HERON @ S’Albufereta Nature Reserve


Puig Sant Marti from Port de Pollenca

Port de Pollenca

Looking into the Boquer Valley

Can Cuarassa pool near Port de Pollenca

Boquer Valley

Alcudia Peninsula from Torrent Sant Jordi

S`Albufera 28-05-2019

Bee-eater at Son Bosc

S`Albufera - Little Ringed Plover

S`Albufera - Yellow Wagtail

S`Albufera - Greenshank

S`Albufera - Black Winged Stilt

S`Albufera - Stone Curlew

S`Albufera - Gargany

Son Real Coastal - Turnstone

S`Albufera - Water Pipit

S`Albufera - Spotted Redshank

S`Albufera - Osprey

S`Albufera - Moorhen

S`Albufera - Great Crested Grebe

Albufers - Curlew Sandpiper

Albufera - Black Winged Stilt

S`Albufera - Great white Egret

S`Albufera - Avocets with chicks

S`Albufera - Water Pipit


Can Cullerassa



Alcanada Island Mallorca

Albufereta Mallorca


Egret in Albuferta, Alcudia,Mallorca

Llenaire Road

Sa Barcassa

And all at once I spied at Fisherman's trail Betlem

Nightingale at Colonia Son Pere

Jack Snipe, S‘Albufera

Great Reed Warbler s'Albufera

Black winged Stilt

Boquer valley

La Gola

La Gola

Cuber Reservoir

Fantastic views from Albercutz

Zitting Cisticola, Son Bosc

Red legged Partridge, Puerto Pollenca

Formentor beach

Blue on blue in the bay at Puerto Pollenca

Little Egret, La Gola

The pine and the calm sea

Sa Colabra no one was there

Puerto Pollensa

Sun rising over Puerto Pollenca

Glossy Ibis, s'Albufera

Puerto Pollensa as the sun climbs

Serins, Puerto Pollenca

Crag Martin, Castell de Santueri

Blue Rock Thrush, Castell de Santueri

Blue Rock Thrush, Castell de Santueri

The boardwalk on Alcudia beach

The bay at Puerto Pollenca

The bay

La Cala a stunning place

Sunrise early January in Puerto Pollenca

Puerto Pollensa in the morning light

Marbled Teal, Son Bosc

Little Egret, Puerto Pollenca Bay.

Glossy ibis, S'Albufera Natural Park.

Little Egret? Taken at S'Albufera Natural Park.

Osprey, taken at S'Albufera Natural Park.

Audoin's Gull, S'Albufera Natural Park.

Black Winged Stilt in flight, S'Albufera Natural Park.

Avocet, taken at S'Albufera Natural Park




at the end of the Boquer Valley

start of the cala Boquer walk

La Llenaire

The Pine Walk

its raining in la gola

Med shag la Gola

Take this side please Med Shag Pine Wal pier

Hey you Med shag is the name Pine Walk pier

who are you looking at ? Med Shag Pine walk stone pier

can I fly of now ? Puerto Pollensa Beach

Nearly had my lunch - Puerto Pollensa Beach

Egret Reflections Puerto Pollensa beach

Egret Puerto Pollensa Beach

Purple Heron - La Gola - Port Pollence

Life’s a beach - Audouins Gull, Playa de Muro beach

On Reflection - s’Albufere national park

Black Winged Stilt ...just hatched, Salbufera.

House Sparrow, S'Albufera Natural Park

Spotted Flycatcher, Puerto Pollenca

Spotted Flycatcher, Puerto Pollenca

Stonechat, Puerto Pollenca

Stonechat, Puerto Pollenca

Marbled Teal, Son Bosc

Corn Bunting singing in the rain. Puerto Pollenca









S'Albufera Natural Park

Coves del Drac

Cala bona

Osprey in flight. S'Albufera Natural Park.

Coves del Drac

Boquer Valley

Gorg Blau

Una Paloma Blanca - Palma

Little Egret - Port de Soller

Thekla Lark at Son Real

Garrigue at Son Real

Black Winged Stilt, S'Albufera Natural Park.

Dawn in Puerto Pollença

Sardinian Warbler in Soller

Swallow Tail Butterfly in Orient

Puerto Pollença at dawn